Early morning

Sitting having a early morning coffee black as your boot in the bakery and wondering to myself why dont i bring the good coffee in?

There is days i wish i brought my own in with me so i get a proper boost from my daily coffee. The reason i like my regular and what has become my annual coffee is that i hate the tired me.

You might wonder to yourself why? But it is for good reason. Your get up in the morning and your mind goes into over drive with thoughts and ponderings that do not make sense? Your mind gets you down and you know for a fact its because your cream crackered.

I remember reading in one of daily readings that the writer would talk about the very same issue as me. His mind would go into some dark place and bring back thoughts that would make him feel low. His advice is get into Gods word and think about him and his ways and ask that he guide your mind throughout your day.

Sounds easy but sometimes it is harder than it sounds. I start every morning reading my daily readings and also a good coffee and while driving to work i try to get a time of prayer.

I just trust in good asking for his control on my life even though i fall.

Good old morning coffee and reading is a must.


Welcome to the ramblings of the bearded dad

Well hello and welcome to my personal blog. So you have stumbled upon my page and you are wondering to yourself what is with the big name? Well truth being told I couldn’t figure out what the heck I was going to call it. I tired different names but Na didn’t seem fitting for me. So I went a couple of things that make up me and what I like. I have a black beard and I do enjoy a good bourbon and the last time I checked I am a man.

I plan for this page to be about my journey as a dad and a husband which i love. You will read different thoughts and ramblings that come to my mind and also any wisdom that I might come up with as I kick back and sip on the spicy smokiness of worlds bourbons and whiskeys which I hope to review.

Please enjoy

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